Water Coolers

Water Wise stocks and distributes Premium Chill Bottom Loading and Crystal Mountain water coolers. Available in different colors and options to suite your needs and décor, they will be a great addition to your home or office.

Premium Chill coolers have features that other coolers simply do not have. They may “appear” similar from the outside, but we assure you all coolers are NOT created equal.
Some outstanding features:

  • Coldest water produced with “ice chill technology.”
  • Automatic Self Cleaning
  • Hot water feature. Hot water stays at the ideal temperature (less cycling and “lukewarm” water). Water is ready for instant noodles, tea or your favorite hot beverage when you want it!
  • Fast flow faucets. Our water coolers will fill a standard 8oz glass in 2.9-4.0 seconds depending on model. No dribbling out of the tap, or waiting forever to fill your glass!
  • Energy star rated for power conservation.

Once you try one for yourself, you’ll wonder how you ever settled for anything else!

Also available:

  • Bottle-less water coolers (filtration system built-in)
  • Bottle-less water coolers (no heavy lifting).
  • Direct water line hook-up (connects directly to cold water line).

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