Water Conditioning Equipment

 bannerWater is a wonderful thing…without it life itself would not exist. People use it everyday and they use it in so many various ways, it almost seems unrealistic to expect it to meet all of our demands we put on it. Still, with the proper treatment, water can and usually does meet all of its requirements.
If you live in the city you are no doubt very familiar with spots and film on your glassware, the scale build-up in your pipes and fixtures and the dreaded soap ring in the bathtub.
If you live in the country and use well water you are no doubt familiar with not only the above mentioned problems, but perhaps iron, manganese, organics, high dissolved mineral content, or hydrogen sulphide gas (H2S), to name a few. Water that is suitable for certain applications may not be acceptable in other situations.

Before installing any piece of equipment in your home, we recommend a water analysis be performed to determine which treatment method would be best for you. Based on the water analysis results, Water Wise would be happy to recommend a properly sized and designed system to fit both your individual needs and your budget.