Bottled Water


176109 0059_self_watering_single_pet_dishWater Wise produces bottled water using our reverse osmosis technology, which is able to reduce microscopic impurities and chemical elements so your water is free of many impurities like sodium, lead and chlorine!  The result…nothing but pure, clean, refreshing water!

Our bottling plant is health inspected and water samples are sent in regularly for constant monitoring by an independent lab, so you can rest knowing your family is drinking nothing but the best!

Water Wise offers bottled water in our store and is also available for home & office delivery.  We have water coolers perfect for home and office to match any decor as well as hand pumps which are ideal for the cabin or the RV where space may be limited.  We don’t want to forget about your family pet either, we offer pet dishes and bottles so your pet can enjoy the same, great tasting water you do.

For added convenience we also have a self-serve dispenser open extended hours 7 days a week!  With so many options there is now reason why you and your family cannot get your recommended 8 glasses of water daily…Better Water For A Better Life!